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1: I've heard *most* arboreal frogs should not be kept in paludariums with large (read: deep) bodies of water. Mine would have a ~10" deep pool of water. Is this okay as long as there is easy ways out and a lot of landmass surrounding the water on three sides?

2: Draining: My tank is not drilled on the bottom. (nor can it be) I've heard you must have drainage for the land side of the paludarium, or the water will build up on that side. Since the terrestrial portion will be raised so high, could I have the back glass drilled low on the back and have the bulkhead connect with a drain on the lowest part of the land, or will I need several such drains connected to the bulkhead? I cannot drain the land into the water. (I COULD, but I'm too picky for that)
Please help.

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