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it is my understanding that, to create a pond, you can cut away a section of your eggcrate, and lay the mesh over top, and then put rocks (large & smooth so they won't hurt the frog) over that instead of substrate, to create a dip in the tank that gets filled with the water from the drainage layer that is underneath the eggcrate. then, once the drainage layer gets full enough that it's soaking into the substrate which is bad, you can get a pump and drain out the extra water.

1: the frog needs dechlorinated tap water to soak in. So, if the pond is filled with the water from the drainage layer, which comes from the misting water, which is distilled how does that work? how will the water in the pond be acceptable for the frog? wouldn't it get gross from sitting in the drainage layer?

2: if there are rocks there, will the water even flow in-between the drainage layer and the pond? Should it?

Please help.

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